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An Elopement in Saint Augustine | Bayfront Marin House | Saint Augustine Wedding Videographer

Updated: Aug 4, 2019


I've never seen two more people more in love! These two were planning a huge wedding for next year, but in the midst of all the planning - they said "screw waiting a year, let's elope!" This was the most calm, stress free and intimate day - hanging out together while getting ready, exchanging love notes, wandering around the streets of Saint Augustine - I could do this every weekend! So glad I connected with these two, and so excited for their big celebration with friends and family next month up north! (Brittany's mom rented a huge screen to play their film, how cool!)

Planner: Marina Lee with Bayfront Marin

Officiant: Mister Wedding

Photography: Jenny Boyer

Hair: Nina Pierce

Makeup: Kiara Shannelle

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